Why Do You Need an Alarm System?

The biggest regret that people have is waiting until their home is burglarized before they have an alarm system installed. They fail to realize that one in six homes is burglarized every year. Yours could be next! How can you keep from becoming a victim? Install an alarm system now so if they do attempt to break in, you will be protected.

What Burglars steal

Sentimental valuables Irreplaceable heirlooms (those containing gold may be melted down for cash) Computers containing essential and personal information and the only copies of hundreds of family photos Cash, jewelry, electronic equipment and guns. Your family’s serenity is violated and your sense of security may be gone forever! The feeling that the burglars will be coming back may haunt you forever! Many times they do!

House Burglars

Home burglaries are committed by professionals, teenagers and opportunists.  Professional burglars usually steal a car so that if someone writes down their license place number, they will not be caught.  This is why it is so important to have an alarm so that they can be caught in the act.  The professionals drive around looking for homes where it appears no one is home.  They will commit many burglaries in one day. 

Male teenagers who live in the area of a victim’s home will commit burglaries within blocks of their home.  Many of these teenagers live close enough to see when their neighbors leave, so that they can break in. That’s why a person can leave their home for just a few minutes to run to the local store and still be burglarized. Burglars choose homes to break into for many reasons. If they know what valuables you have inside, they are more likely to break in to steal them. The most popular ways they use to find out what valuables are in a house is from friends and family members who visit the home. These can be neighbors or strangers who work in the service industry. These people enter customer’s homes every day to perform repair work, install equipment or deliver furniture or other products. When they do, they look around to see what is available for their family or friends to steal.

Opportunists will go around looking for an unlocked door or window and then break in when they find one.


Most home burglaries occur when people are at work which is usually between 10 AM and 3 PM. Burglars try to get in and out as soon as possible so they don’t get caught. Most of them will spend between 8 to 12 minutes in a home.

Typical Business Burglar

Many business burglaries are committed by persons who see an opportunity as they drive by. This includes simple things like leaving gates unlocked, equipment left in view unattended, poor lighting, and no indication of a Security System. Because of their inside knowledge, employees can easily steal from their employers. Contractors hired to perform work at the business, also have opportunities to steal from that business. At times, employees or outside contractors may share information with outsiders on items to be stolen or how to break into a business that they work for.


Most business burglaries occur when the business is closed, at night or on weekends.